This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



Every summer I wish I could escape for the month of July..get the heck out of Dodge. 
 The past 5 years I have always had girls camp to prepare and go to.
Not this year--free and clear.
I found out that my in-law's condo in Utah was open for the summer and Anita was kind enough to let me stay there for almost the whole month.  Heaven.
Tom and Cole joined us at the beginning to celebrate the 4th and then
Tom snuck back up for a quick 2 day get-away in Salt Lake...just the two of us.
The boys kept each other company at home working and even got to go on a little weekend trip to watch the NBA summer league at UNLV.

Here are some highlights of the things I remembered to take photos of.  

Flowrider at Riverwoods

Carissa getting her groove back after having Elle 4 months ago.

 Make it perfect ... 
 this is the only dog you will ever have.

 I got to spend a week+ with
my sisters Aryn and Bridgette and my brother Chad.
We try to meet up in Utah every summer.
Hefting it up to the natural rock slide in Alpine with Chad.

My spine hurts to look at this picture.

Oh and the water was just a wee bit chilly.

Stewart Falls Hike

We desert dwellers just can't get used to all the green goodness everywhere.

It is nice to have a beautiful reward at the end of a hike.

Aryn's cute Luke

July 14 was my niece, 
Elle's blessing day.
She arrived a year after Chad and Carissa got married and at the end of
Chad's first year of medical school.  

I loved watching Chad be a dad.

  Elle is so blessed to have these two as her parents.  They are both good as gold.

My mom's 30th grandchild 

Heritage Park

More cousin time

Zipline in Provo Canyon

We didn't plan on Jensen being able to join in the fun 
but they had a special tether for him to attach to Corey. 
That dimple melts me.

A kiss for good luck.

He loved it so much that he cried when one leg was over and begged to do it again.
Luckily he got to do it 5 times down the mountain.
They may have an adrenaline junkie in the making.

I love this 10 year old.  
This may be my favorite age.

BYU Sport Camps
Meg really really wanted to try track and field camp this year.  
I don't think she knew what she was getting into.  When I went to pick her up that first night, I was prepared to give her a pep talk about finishing what we start.  No need.  She was sweaty, exhausted and sore,  but she wore the biggest smile climbing into the car.  
She took a nice long shower and we iced her knees as she happily chatted about the conditioning exercises, new friends she made, and the fun coaches she had.  I couldn't wait to tell Tom because we both had made wrong predictions on this one.

I love that she was smiling while she ran.

Summer bringing out her tennis friends to support Meg in her final meet.

That same week,  Summer was at tennis camp.
She also went by herself and stayed in the dorms.  
She lucked out with a great roommate. 
They actually had to play each other in their bracket's final.  

Summer beat her doubles partner in the semi-finals.  

She played really well and finished top 15.

After their camps ended, I put my girls on a plane so they could get to girl's camp
 and Isaac and I headed to Cedar City to check out the  
Shakespeare Festival with my mom.
She has been going for years and has always wanted us to join her. 
Well I am hooked.  

This show was excellent!  
Ike had just finished the book series and we had no idea they had made it into a play.
It gives the story of how Neverland, Peter Pan, Captain Hook came to be.
So clever and entertaining.

This was not my favorite Shakespeare play 
but it was so fun sitting in the outdoor Shakespearean theater under the stars.

this aerial photo courtesy of

What was I thinking when I agreed to this dagger souvenir? 

I really am planning on next summer! 

2014 Schedule
In the Adams Shakespearean Theatre, June 23 to August 30
            • Henry IV Part One 
            • Measure for Measure 
            • The Comedy of Errors 

In the Randall L. Jones Theatre, June 23 to August 30
            • Sense and Sensibility 
            • Into the Woods 

In the Randall L. Jones Theatre, June 23 to October 18
            • Twelfth Night 

Now back to reality and to get ready for the new school year...