This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Park City

We headed to Park City for Spring Break....minus Meg.  
She  got invited to go to Chicago with Terry and Janet (Tom's sister).  
She was missed by all.  
I didn't remember to pack a I am so grateful to 
Tracey and Shawni for taking these photos.
I absolutely love watching my kids learn new skills.   Isaac was a good little skier and Cole snowboarded for the first time and did great.  The 3rd day was the big break-through for him.  
Summer got her cast off the day before we left and her ankle was still really sore.  She got almost one day of skiing in...and then was done.  
She still had a great time.

This is a fun bunch.
They all get-along great.

This was quite a different kind of ski trip than I experienced growing up.  We would wake up at 2 a.m. --sleep in the car, while my dad would drive us up to Sunrise (usually with our cousins the Bagleys.)  I always found it tricky to find ski clothing that fit.  Whatever we had--had to work.  It was usually clothing that was way too big.  I  am sure I looked pretty ridiculous in my get-ups.  For lunch, we would head to the parking lot and get our sack lunches out of the car--quickly.  My dad wanted to squeeze every ounce of skiing in.  He believed only lazy people went to the ski lodge and wasted time.   At the end of the was my dad's goal to be the last on the lift and therefore the last skiers to be on the slopes.   I don't know why that was so important to him, but it was.  It was a big deal if we made it to the bottom of the mountain and didn't see anyone else on the slopes.  We hardly ever skied more than one day.  We would drive home that night. As exhausting as this seems to me now--I loved it.

The Dudes
Mike Zaharis, Tom, Denny Barney, Dave Pothier, Bill Okland, and Scott Simas
(Glad that Denny could even be with us.  He almost died a couple weeks before in a snow boarding accident that ripped his spleen in half...losing 8 units of blood.)

Doing a taste-test on our favorite dipped apples from two different stores. 
 If you're ever in Park City on Main Street don't waste your time at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory....go up the street to the Village Candy Shop...we all agreed it was much better!

Lots of Card Games and Liars Dice.

Summer & Karli Okland. 
 These two have been friends since they were toddlers.  
Gotta love those cute brace smiles.