This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



This is my brother in law, Dave Collins, on his first bike ride
 since his accident .... just 5 months ago.  
His recovery has been nothing short of miraculous.  This has been a truly great example of the power of prayer and faith for our family. 

 Other than breaking his foot
 playing trampoline dodge ball with us on New Year's has been a steady recovery (: 

(Dave is married to Tom's sister, Ruth)


14 Years Today

14 years ago, we had Cole.  I remember thinking the world suddenly changed.  
I couldn't believe how much parents loved their children....  
How much I loved this baby.  
Cole was good right from the beginning and has continued to bring us so much happiness.  
Happy Birthday.  
We love you Cole!  


Peruvian President

Our brother-in-law, Terry Turk was called to be the mission president of the Trujillo, Peru mission.  Terry is married to Tom's sister, Janet.  They report the first of July.  We will miss them something fierce.  They have helped raise my exaggeration.   Meg and Janet are kindred spirits.
They have been an incredible blessing to our family and we are happy for their new adventure....even though they will leave behind a huge void.


Uaisele Fa

Uaisele Fa is our Tongan brother that we love.  We had a gathering over here last night to wish him well as he leaves to serve a mission in Brazil.  What a great example he has been to my kids. 

Some of his ukulele students