This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Summer's Election

Summer has braved running for student council a few times. She has experienced winning and defeat. I loved how she handled her defeat, last year. She announced that she lost and would run next time. No tears, no regrets.
She came up with a win last Friday. Its a good thing because I wasn't much help with the campaign ideas. No real creative campaign juices were flowing over here. And then.... I wasn't even there to support her on election day. Tom and I were out of town (planned way before the idea of elections were even thought of). So I was relieved that I got a happy phone call. She'll make a great 6th grade secretary!


A Getaway

Tom and I escaped this weekend for a little getaway to see David Foster in concert. If you don't recognize the name, neither did most of the people I mentioned it to. He is songwriter and has put this amazing concert together to perform all the hits he has made over the years. It was an amazing 3 hour concert. However, there was one awkward moment when Cher came out ( wearing that infamous "If I could turn back time" outfit) and nobody really cheers. Then she makes a comment about how she is too old for David Foster now-- and he is very unconvincing in his denial. Then she leaves the stage and your left feeling awkward.
We had a great time with Terry and Janet as our traveling companions. Janet and I were pretty amazing back up singers throughout the concert....I'm sure of it.
Tom and I are big fans of Bobby Flay on the Food Network, so we wanted to try out his Mesa Grille. Sorry Bobby, we were not impressed. We liked the burger joint we went to the next day a lot better. I just don't like my southwestern cuisine too fancy.
It was a great quick trip and we arrived home for Mother's Day to celebrate with the family. Perfect weekend. Thanks T!


Lots of little Girls

For a little while there, heaven just sent down little girls into the Farnsworth family. 7 of us all had babies and they all happened to be girls. It has been so fun having them all grow up together.

Not quite a year ago, they really started working on singing in parts and learning power tap routines. Thanks to their cousin, Veva, for being such a great instructor!