This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.



I brought the game Bean Boozled to Meg's 5th grade Halloween party.
(You can find it at
It was very entertaining to watch these kiddos.
Basically you spin the wheel and it lands on a certain jelly belly.  
That jelly belly could be a good flavor or a really bad flavor..they look identical.

Strawberry or Centipede
Chocolate Pudding or Canned Dog Food
Banana or Pencil Shavings
Black licorice or Skunk get the idea

Meg was a better director than participant.
She about cried when I told her this was the game I was going to play with her class.
She was brave and did play after a little peer pressure.

It takes your taste buds a moment to decide...

or very very bad....
poor brave soul had rotten egg

Good idea to keep a paper towel close by...

in case of a strong gag reflex

(I kept a container of hot tamales on the table, so they could clear their offended palates.)


Tom's biggest golf dream came true. 
 He played Augusta National last Friday.
(The home of the Masters Tournament, green jacket and a bit of mystery.)
Oooh.. I love mysterious things.
How about this ......You can't ask to become a are chosen.  You may receive an invitation by mail with one question: Would you like to join Augusta National-- check yes or no? 
 It is considered bad taste to even ask members how they were selected.
No phones on the premise, except in your room.  
It sounds like the makings of a Dan Brown novel.
From our first year of marriage, Tom has been talking about trying to go see the Masters one day. 

The winner's trophy. 
It lists the first and second place finishers each year.

Locker room....pretty basic.

The foursome.
Bill, Vern, Johnny and Tom

Hole #11
 These two were given instructions (from Kaci and I) to take a lot of pictures and they
 surprisingly did a pretty good job with their little camera.

Below, is Tom's caddy "Fad".  Poor guy wasn't quite up to the job that day.  
He kept trying to talk Bill and Tom out of golfing more holes. 
 Tom about had to give Fad a piggy back ride because he huffing and puffing.

This was for birdie.....but he missed

They even had the chance to spend the night on the grounds in one of these cottages.
Pretty simple and classy.

Still shocked they took the time to take these pictures.

I always wonder how they keep up golf course grounds so meticulously.
This is how the mowing is maintained daily at Augusta.
These mowers follow each other around in a special formation for about 2 hours and voila!


Oh soccer, here we go.



Assumption:  If you are following a car that is going a little faster than you are, 
you won't get a ticket


You both get pulled over

He motioned for me to follow him as he went to nab my sister-in-law, Ruth, too.

Ruth tried to get us out of the ticket....
"you know we both have big tires and those speedometers don't work quite as well...."

No luck

I got my second speeding ticket.

I usually can talk my way out of them, but not when he claims you were going 92


Tom's Sunday Beverage





Tom makes this with every Sunday dinner.
5:1 ratio of diet ginger ale to pomegranate juice with 1/2 of a fresh squeezed lime.
He used to make it with regular ginger ale but we found that we all like the diet just as well.

Fall Break

The weather and beauty of 
Utah made me break out into song and dance.

We spent the first half of the week in Park City with the Frosts and Collins.  

When you see a tree covered in must stop and have a look.

Then we were off to Provo......

Hiked the Y

My brother Chad's little house..right off of condo row.
 (Right around the corner from where Tom and I officially first met)

Got to see my sister Bridgette and her husband Corey.

Nothing like being put in front of a camera with no idea what they are going to ask you....uhhhhhh

We met Charles Abouo.  He is from the Ivory Coast of Africa where
my brother, Adam, served his mission.  
He plays basketball for BYU


Choir Concert

First choir concert for Summer and first time Cole donned the "outfit."  The guys are good sports for  wearing this get-up.  I don't know what they were thinking with this....but I digress.
 I  love  that these two are in junior high together.
It is reassuring to have Cole looking out for her.


Finding one of my kids enjoying a good book -- puts a smile on my face.


Apparently it is Peanut's first birthday today.  Meg would never let that go un-celebrated.  She splurged and got him a new nesting spot.  Summer kicked in for a carrot chew toy.  Happy birthday Peanut.