This is my simple photo journal. I like to take pictures and once a month or more, I load them onto this blog so that we can remember some of our family highlights.


Yes, I know... a little disturbing. However, he was the only one at our neighborhood Halloween carnival that didn't sweat to death. He was dressed appropriately for the 94 degree weather we had.



Guess who cleaned out and organized all the kitchen cupboards and drawers...

got the kids up and going on their Saturday work and now my garage looks brand new...........

and snuck my car out and washed it..........

discussed/bounced off ideas/got some great quotes for my combined YW lesson........

provided a great shoulder to get a good cry out on......

& then made everyone's favorite chocolate chip cookies
(His are the best I have ever tasted)..............................

Thanks T ! Your my rock.



Around here you don't need "Halloween" to dress up in character and you don't even need to see the movie. Isaac has been "the real Indiana Jones," for about 3 weeks now (ever since Aunt Janet got him his duds.) This is his daily uniform, just ask anyone that has seen him these past weeks. There are 3 rules: no wearing it to school, church, or to bed....and we've given in a couple of times on the latter. I kinda wish I had a uniform to just slip into and become some adventure seeking archaeologist. One draw back is that this get-up could probably walk by itself now. I have tried washing the pants but they are made of some funky material I have never washed before. It comes out of the dryer smelling like rubber and hot enough to catch fire.

Ike's little preschool buddy has been filling him in on the last Indiana Jones movie plot line. So, today when we were amongst all the Halloween decor at Walmart (a store I hate but that is for another post)....... he found the best most perfect relic--the crystal skull. He couldn't wait to get home with it. I drew him a map of the front yard with clues to where the skull was hidden.

He passed under it so many times that I had to resort to playing hot and cold with him. He thought my map wasn't very clear. I didn't know how seriously he would be studying it.

Don't worry Meghan, we got Bret a "crystal skull" too!


Wedding Day

They are married. We had such a great week of celebration. However, the very best part of the whole week was watching them be sealed in the temple on Friday. My dear friend Julie's dad was their sealer and he gave such great counsel and made it extra special. I love this picture, taken right before they entered the temple. Don't they look so happy and ready for their lives together.


Bridal Shower

Only 3 more days until Bridgette and Corey are married in the Arizona Temple. We had her bridal shower today. I loved seeing all my cousins and aunts...I don't seem them near enough.

Pretty Girls...Rachel (cousin) with my sister Aryn.

Aunt Jennifer, Bridgette, Aunt Robyn. These 2 Aunties are superwomen.

She got some of the cutest aprons. It is always more fun to cook when your looking cute!
These are some of my cute cousins and aunts, on my mom's side.

Thanks "super neighbor" for the fabulous chocolate cupcakes with blackberry mousse filling. Leave it to Melody to make them go with our black and white theme splendidly.

These little girlies were so good and patient until......

Bridgette had time to play.


My youngest sister, Bridgette, marries Corey this week. Let the celebrations (almost every day this week) begin!


The start of a Tradition

This weekend, we took Cole up for conference with the Shills. This is a tradition we hope to do with each of our kids when they turn 12. It was a great experience and we loved sharing it with Cole. We look forward to next year with Summer.

Priesthood Session

We threw a little fun in on Friday. We rented segways and rode all around the downtown, Gateway mall, the capitol, and temple square. It was a blast. I highly recommend it.

It only took about 1 minute to get the hang of it and we were off. You get the segway to move by shifting your body weight. You soon begin to move it without even thinking about cool
We enjoyed perfect weather on Friday and then the rains hit SLC, but we loved it the same. I love this boy. I love being his mom and watching him grow.


Being October 1st, Ike insisted and hounded me to get our Halloween decorations up. He began taking matters into his own hands and soon I had spooky pictures hung all over the walls, windows, and doors.
My excuse of it being too hot to go digging through the hot attic, ran out this evening. Right before nightfall, I braved the attic and brought down our little bucket of decor. We strung up the porch with cobwebs, hung our window shadows and adorned the door with our spooky wreathe. And to the delight of Ike, Tom came home with 4 big fat pumpkins. Now I just have 30 days of waiting and waiting and waiting with Isaac.